wagyu beefFrom farm to fork we provide our guests with the highest quality of meats and produce available. Since opening in 2015, we have worked with our suppliers to offer you not only great tastes, but to help strengthen the community around us by supporting local farms and farmers.

With this commitment in mind, we are proud to now offer premium Wagyu beef through our exclusive partnership with Mountain Breeze Farm in Dutton, Alabama. The Wagyu cattle are purebred and 100% grass-fed and finished on Jack Daniels distilled corn waste and scored as prime beef. Each animal is raised anti-biotic and hormone free in a natural, open pasture setting on the 500-acre farm.

The wagyu beef is high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and monounsaturated fat with ratios of “good to bad” fat up to 6 times higher than what is found in regular beef.

Stayed tuned for our new Wagyu specials and taste the difference for yourself!