Located on 500 acres of fertile, sandstone soil on Sand Mountain in Northeast Alabama lies Mountain Breeze Farm. Grazing among the native grasses and spring-fed lakes are 100% purebred Wagyu cattle. Each animal is 100% grass-fed and finished on Jack Daniels spent grain. Raised antibiotic and hormone free, the cattle are born and raised on the farm, making them completely traceable.

Not only is the Wagyu rich in flavor, the beef is high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and monosaturated fat with ratios of “good” to “bad” fat up to 6 times higher than those found in regular beef.

In 1976, Wagyu bulls were brought to the US and cross-bread with Angus cattle. The crossbreeding has led to many meat labels, but out of the 30,000 Wagyu influenced cattle, less than 5,000 are fullblood Wagyu. At Mountain Breeze Farms, they pride themselves on raising 100% prime Wagyu cattle that can be DNA verified to confirm Japanese lineage.

Mountain Breeze Farms was started by Ed Traylor in 2014 with a Wagyu embryo and has been a closed herd for 6 years. The farm is now home to 42 full-blooded Wagyu cattle, all through natural breeding. Ed and his father had been in the cattle business years ago, but it was his appreciation for the meat and scenery that put him back in touch with his passion.

Not only is the farm picturesque, the spring fed ponds and the home-grown high protein hay, that the herd is fed in the winter, make for relaxed and happy cows. While it may sound crazy to say they have happy cows, stress makes an impact on the animal and quality of meat. Mountain Breeze creates a relaxed environment, where cows are neither pushed from pasture to pasture nor forced to separate from the mother after birth. The result is greater fat marbling and flavor.

At FEED, we strive to provide the highest quality ingredients and a difference you can taste. The intense levels of marbling create a unique taste and tenderness, along with a rich and buttery flavor and texture. We are excited to offer a Chophouse Menu featuring numerous steak cuts and other Wagyu specials, in addition to our traditional beef entrees.

Through our partnership with Mountain Breeze Farms we are able to offer mouth-watering, rare dishes at a great value. Join us for dinner this evening and taste the difference in 100% prime Wagyu beef.