We are proud of the food we serve and the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere that has become synonymous with The FEED Co. Table & Tavern. While our team works hard to ensure our guests enjoy the highest quality experience, we wouldn’t be able to create that without the products from our local suppliers.

Over the coming months we want to showcase the suppliers that make serving what we do possible. As a locally owned and operated restaurant, we understand the importance of supporting local farms and business. It’s these small businesses that make our jobs easier and have shaped Chattanooga into what it is today.

Chattanooga Whiskey
With a mission to bring “Whiskey to the People,” Chattanooga Whiskey is the first distillery in Chattanooga in over a century. In 2015 they crafting a malt-forward style of bourbon whiskey known as the Tennessee High Malt, which was released in 2019 to much acclaim.

The history of Chattanooga distilleries is hardly as smooth as the whiskey. Chattanooga was the toast of the area and a major distilling hub from the 1860s through the early 1900s, boasting more than 30 distilleries and 98 liquor dealers. Business was booming until 1909 when prohibition began in Tennessee and the production of spirits were prohibited. Following prohibition, only 3 counties in the state- Lincoln, Moore and Coffee, were permitted to distill. It wasn’t until May 2013 that “The Whiskey Bill” was signed into law and Chattanooga Whiskey was able to begin work on their experimental micro-distillery on Market Street.

In a matter of 6 years, the distillery has grown from producing 1 barrel per week to their new 45,000 square foot distillery capable of producing 50-60 barrels per week. They have gone from having their 1816 Reserve and Cask distilled by Lawrenceburg Distillers of Indiana to producing Chattanooga Whiskey “100”, the single batch series Batch 001- a “Tennessee High Malt” to Barrel #91, the future flagship recipe.

At FEED, we are proud to partner with our whiskey loving neighbors and feature their creation in several of our whiskey business cocktails:

The Smoking Gun
Chattanooga Whiskey 111 | Antica Carpano | Muddled Bordeaux Cherries & Orange | House Made Ginger Beer

The FEED-back
Chattanooga Whiskey 91 | Peaches | Rosemary | House Made Simple Syrup | Fresh Lemon Juice

Johnny Be Good
Chattanooga Whiskey 91 | Solerno Blood Orange Liquor | House Rosemary Simple Syrup | Fresh Lemon

Afterall, “It’s not the places you go, it’s the whiskey you drink.” – Jon Lawrence, Director of Sales for Chattanooga Whiskey