All chefs can agree that not all meats are created equal. Chickens all have beaks and feathers, but when it comes to taste, there is certainly a clucking difference. At The FEED Co. Table and Tavern, we are committed to serving farm fresh, regionally grown, sustainable products.

We have partnered with Forward Thinking Farms in nearby Wakinsville, Georgia to provide you with the “Wagyu of chicken.” Owner and poultry extraordinaire C.J. Smith has redefined raising chickens through natural and humane practices. Smith created what he refers to as a chicken tractor to provide safety, shelter and a really cool environment for the birds. The wheeled cage can be moved across fields to allow the chickens access to fresh grass, bugs and sunshine while protecting them from the elements and predators. Smith raises the birds on non-GMO feed from Reseca, Georgia and processes them in a local USDA certified facility.

A University of Georgia graduate, Smith has a degree in Agriculture and a background in the commercial poultry industry. After becoming a stay-at-home dad in August 2010, he began experimenting with new methods of production that focused on animal welfare. Forward Thinking Farms focuses on correctly raising birds through grazing and natural settings. An advocate for knowing where your food comes from, Smith is committed to practicing and educating the public on animal welfare.

Not only can the difference be seen in the free-range setting, but also when it comes to dinner. Forward Thinking Farm’s chicken is superior fresh, juicy, plump and packed with flavor. Don’t just take our word for it, enjoy our chicken specials this evening.