Okelsey butlerur own Kelsey Marie Butler was recently featured in this month’s edition of Chatter Magazine’s “20 Under 40”. Focused on a music theme, the 2018 publication highlights individuals that are making sound waves in the community and making their voices heard.

Learn more about Kelsey and how she’s turning up the volume to help the Chattanooga community as the Lead Singer of School Revival.

Green Room Demand?
Cheese and wine- string cheese.

Dad on bass, the steady voice of reason; Mom on drums, the beat that holds it together; Big Sister on tambourine, the constant rhythm; Twin Sister of lead guitar, the creative inspiration; friends and family as backup vocals and dancing.

Top Influencers?
Memaw, aka, Mrs. Hanley. She is now retired after teaching 43 years is what lead me to my passion today. The students I met during my time observing and working in the elementary schools while in college… ensured me that I was on the right path. They taught me so much, and they gave me the confidence and drive to start HomeBound Books. Because of those kids, I know that my calling to do whatever I can for their development and success will continue to grow.

Side Gigs?
Founder of HomeBound Books; UNFoundation Grant winner; News Channel 12 “Do The Right Thing” winner; VP of Education for North Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce; bartender at The FEED Co. Table and Tavern.

Soundtrack By?
I think the only person that could write the soundtrack to my life would be myself. I do it every day. Each new experience is the next big hit, the “ehh, not your best ever,” or the “toss it in the trash” song.

First Album You Bought?
I’m going to be honest with you all and tell you that I did have a mild obsession with Ricky Martin in my younger years. There may or may not have been an entire calendar of him hanging above my bunk bed…

We are so proud of Kelsey and the impact she is making in our community. We’re lucky to have her in our band!